POTS Treatment: Natural and Pharmacological Ways

POTS treatment has to be given in advance as soon as a doctor diagnoses that you have POTS Syndrome or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Even though you may have noticed some suggest you to have your own treatment, you actually are highly advised to see or consult with your doctor. You should know that doctor diagnosis is ruled after several methods are done. Doctor firstly determines the POTS ICD 9 codes. Within the recovery process, you have to always check up the syndrome to the doctor and find out whether or not the treatments shows positive progress. You may only know that medicine and surgery are the only way to cure POTS Syndrome; where as there is actually a natural way of POTS Syndrome treatment.

POTS Treatment: Natural and Pharmacological Ways

This new fact of POTS treatment is not a lie as it has been published in Hypertension: Journal of the American Medical Association. Patients might be so desperate with their syndrome, but knowing the fact that there is a natural treatment of POTS Syndrome will be sufficient to have them begin the treatments. This natural POTS treatment is regular exercise. Being POTS sufferer is very terrible as you frequently have fatigue and dizziness. Doing exercise is proven effectively to reduce your dizziness and fatigue. But, it also has to be noted that you have to do safe exercise.

To begin your natural POTS treatment, you can take a recumbent position. This position is highly suggested for those with intolerant standing. It will decrease the symptoms which are resulted by upright position. Benjamin Levine, the director at the Institute of Exercise and Environmental Medicine, asserted that patients might not be allowed to take exercise in standing position for one up to two months. However, you have to include this exercise into your daily life until further notice. There are several choices of recumbent exercise. You can have recumbent rowing, bike and swimming.

Besides, you may also have pharmacological POTS treatment even though natural way or non pharmacological treatment has been approved by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). You can be suggested to taking fludrocortisones is frequently applied. But, when you decide to take medication, you have to know that there are always side effects like when you take fludrocortisone may cause hypomagnesaemia, acne, hypokalemia, fluid retention and also worsening headache. For short period usage, you can take oral vasopressin or DDAVP with possible side effects cover edema, headache and hyponatremia.

Treatments for POTS can also be done by taking erythropoietin which is sometimes effective for POTS sufferer recalcitrant the therapy forms. However, taking this medication has several disadvantages covering hypodermic administration and considerable expense. Central hyperadrenergic sufferer might be suggested to taking central sympathetic medications, but some other may not be able to stand for neuropathic POTS. To reduce sympathetic nervous system, you can take clonidine which can perform best in stabilizing blood pressure and heart rate. However, like another pharmacological treatment may cause fatigue and drowsiness so you’d better take methyldopa. Methyldopa can perform better in reducing symptoms in certain doses. Therefore, methyldopa is better as your pharmacological POTS treatment.