POTS Syndrome in Children: Know the Symptoms

POTS syndrome in children is usually found. You should know that POTS is actually a syndrome that appears in teenage year or early in children. Later, it becomes worse when one with POTS is in their mid-twenties. Some of them also have POTS that is caused by virus and bacteria. Pneumonia is a common infection that can lead to POTS. People with trauma, like injury or car accident can also have the tendency to experience POTS. For women, this syndrome can also appear after or during the pregnancy.

POTS Syndrome in Children: Know the Symptoms

POTS Syndrome in Children: the Overview

You should know that when POTS syndrome in children is detected, it means that that syndrome is formed in a disorder, not triggered by outer causes. POTS syndrome is known as the disorder of autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous system is the part that controls the vital sign of your body, like blood pressure, heart beat, digestion, respiration, and such. When there is a disorder of this nervous system, the vital signs will be affected too. POTS syndrome is only one of the results of autonomic nervous system disorder.

POTS Syndrome in Children: the Symptoms

POTS syndrome in young children, teenagers, and even adults, are not much slight different. POTS syndrome symptoms in children include dizziness, excessive fatigue, fainting, extreme thirst, disorientation, headache, nausea, and even vomiting. POTS syndrome in children symptoms are actually various in the sufferers. It depends on the causal.

Unfortunately, there is still no medication and therapy that can be helpful for POTS syndrome. The medications that are prescribed by your doctor may lower the symptoms, not completely heal the syndrome. However, you should also know that the medications somehow have no effect and even worsen the symptoms. That is why the natural treatments, like diet, are also important to deal with POTS syndrome in children.