Is POTS Syndrome Fatal: Get the Answer?

Is POTS syndrome fatal? That is the most asked question by people who have just diagnosed with POTS syndrome. The important thing you should know that it is not a fatal syndrome. There is a very small chance this syndrome can lead to death. The most fatal thing about POTS syndrome is there are many doctors who are still unaware about this syndrome. It is because this syndrome is often misunderstood in medical. It means that there are many people with POTS who are misdiagnosed. Getting the wrong medications can be fatal since it can even worsen the symptoms.

Is POTS Syndrome Fatal: Get the Answer?

Is POTS Syndrome Fatal? The Side Effect of Medications

Is POTS syndrome fatal? Sometimes, it is not the syndrome itself that is fatal, yet the side effect of the medication. You should know that mostly the doctors will prescribe the patients of POTS with disopyramide as the drugs that are anti-arrhythmic. Yet, that is the risky medication. It is because that medicine has the high risk of death. It means that if you consume it too much or without instruction, it can lead to death. Is POTS syndrome a fatal disease? Now you can conclude that sometimes it is the medicine that is fatal.

Is POTS Syndrome Fatal? The Effect of Symptoms

Is POTS syndrome fatal? It is actually not. What makes it fatal is the effect of the symptoms. For example, if you suffer from POTS and you often faint, you cannot decide in which direction you would faint. You may fall against the sharp things that can be dangerous. That is why it is better to be accompanied most of the time.

Is POTS syndrome contagious? No matter what types of it and what causes it, POTS syndrome is not contagious. It is not harmful for the other people. Now, you can directly answer “is POTS syndrome fatal”.